Cementos Collet’s website has been validated in accordance with the tools and guidelines on accessibility in relation to the following: HTML5 - CSS3 - TAW3 AA

Access to Links and Font Size Control

The tab order of links has been chosen based on a logical sequence to facilitate movement for people with reduced mobility. To help people with low vision read the website content, users can adjust the font size on Inforber’s website to maximise their reading comfort.

The procedure for doing this may vary depending on the browser being used:

Mozilla Firefox

To zoom in:

  • Using the Menu: View > Zoom > Zoom In
  • Using the Keyboard: [ctrl] +

To zoom out:

  • Using the Menu: View > Zoom > Zoom Out
  • Using the Keyboard: [ctrl] -

To reset the zoom level:

  • Using the Menu: View > Zoom > Reset
  • Using the Keyboard: [ctrl] 0

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Using the menu:

  • View > Font size > Largest
  • View > Font size > Larger
  • View > Font size > Medium
  • View > Font size > Smaller
  • View > Font size > Smallest

Using the keyboard and mouse:

  • To increase the font size:
    • [Ctrl] <scroll down>
  • To reduce the font size:
    • [Ctrl] <scroll up>

If you have any problems accessing the content or you have any suggestions, you can contact us at: